Writer shares thoughts on Lancaster residents

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A couple of thoughts about some folks in Lancaster County:
u I’m wondering how it’s working out at Lancaster County EMS since Lanny Bernard and Donald Hyatt left a year ago. I guess someone thought it was better to put someone else in charge. Now that person is gone. What’s the deal there?
u Mandy Powers-Norrell, who is running for S.C. House District 44 seat, loves Lancaster and wants what is best for its residents. She wants what is best for Lancaster and she can make it happen. She and her family are well-respected and have helped Lancaster in many ways – from her role as an attorney to helping with various fundraisers, including Relay for Life. Vote for Mandy, she’s for us all in Lancaster County.
u We love Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile. He has brought Lancaster County to the 21st century. We are so proud of you and your department.
God bless you all.

Myra and Billy Dale