Writer questions Mulvaney's vote on inhalants

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By The Staff

On Sept. 20, 2002, my life was changed forever when a drunken driver swerved into my lane and hit my car head-on, causing me to lose an eye and shattering the bones in one of my legs. I am now permanently disabled because of another man’s irresponsible attitude about abusing alcohol.

That is why I was so shocked and offended when I learned that one of our elected officials, Rep. Mick Mulvaney, also has a cavalier attitude about abusing alcohol.

I read in a local newspaper last week that Mr. Mulvaney was one of only four legislators to vote against a ban on alcohol inhalants.

Alcohol inhalants are devices that turn liquor into a mist so that it can be inhaled into a person’s lungs. The practice has grown in popularity in bars and clubs and it has only one purpose – to get you drunk fast.

More than likely, some people who inhale alcohol will end up behind a steering wheel, putting innocent lives at risk.

Thankfully, some lawmakers offered a bill to ban the use of alcohol inhalants, but Mr. Mulvaney was one of only four members of the House Judiciary Committee to vote against the ban.

It makes me wonder exactly who Mr. Mulvaney was representing when he cast such an irresponsible vote. Certainly not me, and certainly not the people of this district who understand the dangers of abusing alcohol.

Larry A. Neal