Writer questions Mulvaney's opposition to alcohol inhalers

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By The Staff

A few weeks ago, I sent a letter to the editor criticizing Rep. Mick Mulvaney for opposing a ban on alcohol inhalers (devices that turn liquor into a mist so that it can be inhaled into a person’s lungs, getting them drunk quickly).

As the victim of a drunken driver, my point was that we don’t need any devices that get people drunker faster because who knows how many of them will end up behind the wheel of a car.

Mr. Mulvaney responded that he was just protecting innocent people with asthma who might get pulled over by policemen who can’t tell the difference between a legal inhaler and an illegal alcohol inhaler. I give policemen more credit than Mr. Mulvaney does, and so does my mother. She’s 76 years old and uses inhalers for her illness (COPD)and they are all clearly marked with the

prescription label.

Mr. Mulvaney seems to have also forgotten the real reason he opposed the ban on alcohol inhalers. Just Google “Mulvaney alcohol inhaler” and you will see that he is quoted in both The State and Rock Hill Herald newspapers as saying he opposed the law because: “I’m just worried that we’re going to outlaw shot glasses next.”

That’s right, no mention of asthma, just shot glasses. It’s nice to know where his priorities are. But perhaps his memory and judgment are being affected by a loss of brain cells.

Larry A. Neal