Writer questions costs of projects

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I would like to thank Will Tindal for his column, “Emperor has no clothes.” Taxpayers need to know what is going on with their money.
County Council needs to remember where they came from before they give our tax dollars away. I was at the action council meeting on March 7 and overheard Keith Tunnel, president of Lancaster County Economic Development Corp., patting himself on the back about Lancaster County having four projects going on at the same time. He said this has never happened before. I never heard about what it cost taxpayers.
I would like to know what Tunnell has done to benefit Lancaster. How many jobs has he helped bring to Lancaster and why doesn’t he live in Lancaster? How can you convince others to move to a town that you don’t even live in. It’s sad when you have to pay people to come to Lancaster.
Taxpayers need to wake up and get involved before Lancaster taxpayers go broke.

Robert Porter