Writer pleased with prayer at Gaffney High football game

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On Oct. 21, I attended the Lancaster Bruins football game being played at Gaffney. I was surprised when right before the game, the public address announcer asked for everyone to stand for the invocation. A young man prayed and ended his prayer with “in Christ’s name we pray.”
I was shocked. I’ve been going to LHS football games for years and the only so-called prayer that is said before those games is a sportsmen’s creed.
I commend the people of Gaffney for allowing a prayer to be prayed in Christ’s name. What happened to Lancaster? Have we let government rule us to the point we can’t even pray at a ballgame in the name of Jesus? It was a breath of fresh air to hear this done in Gaffney. Surely, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Let’s put Christ back in our sporting events.

Charles Dixon