Writer makes suggestions for county’s bad roads

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The overpass on S.C. 521 at Main Street that spans S.C. 9 and the northbound turning lane to access S.C. 9 apparently had a concrete division at one time. A portion of that divider has been removed leaving large chunks, which are very rough on tires. Why can’t those holes be filled and smoothed?

I was out in the county recently and discovered that as you turn right off Hoke Road onto Mt. Carmel Road to head toward Lancaster there is a “Rough Road” sign.

Mt. Carmel Road certainly needs some attention, but I suggest that the sign be moved to J.B. Denton Road and placed about the 2900 block. As you turn off S.C. 200 onto J.B. Denton Road, it’s in pretty good shape for the first two or three miles. After that you encounter large and deep potholes. I drive that miserable secondary road frequently and I reduce my speed, because like other drivers, I have to swerve to miss those foxhole-deep drop-offs.

Bob Summer