Writer hopes thieves learn a lesson

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By The Staff

I would like to thank the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office for helping me get my son’s dirt bike back. For some unknown reason, someone entered my yard and stole a dirt bike that belonged to my 7-year-old son.

It was very disturbing knowing that someone was at my carport and had no care in the world about how my little boy would feel once he realized it was missing. Lucky for him or her, I was not awake to catch them, because their stealing streak would have ended that night. I was at work when my son called me to tell me that he could not find his dirt bike. To hear him crying on the phone wanting me to go and look for it was enough to make anyone come close to committing a crime.

I personally started combing the neighborhood trying to find the bike. I searched through the woods and had everyone I could try to ask questions and look for it. The next day, I received a call from the officers working the case saying they found the bike at a local pawn shop. My wife and son met me there where we were able to get the bike back.

The thieves who stole the bike had apparently wrecked it and taken all the decals off trying to disguise it. They had also tried to sand the vehicle information number off of the neck. They told the pawn shop that their son had wrecked it and broke his arms and they just wanted to get rid of the bike. They were given $225 for a dirt bike that means the world to my son.

If one of the thieves did wreck on the bike, I hope he or she learned a lesson – not to steal from anyone else. Why not become useful to society and do something respectable and stop stealing from hard-working people.

Stokes Bell