Writer: Holland is the best person for solicitor

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My name is Joe Catalano. I have lived in Lancaster most of my life. I proudly served Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile as a deputy and an investigator. I now attend University of South Carolina Law School. I am writing this letter o express my support for my friend, Tom Holland, as the next 6th Circuit solicitor.

During my time as a deputy and later an investigator at the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, I worked with Tom, who worked as general counsel for the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, on a wide range of cases. I relied on Tom’s advice almost daily during my time as an investigator. Tom was a huge part of our unit’s success in resolving criminal cases, and I know from personal experience that Tom is an experienced and skillful attorney.

I constantly hear politicians talk about economic growth and recovering from the recession of 2008, and I am sure almost every person living in the 6th Judicial Circuit wants to see our economy grow.

However, we cannot have prosperity without public safety; and a strong and effective solicitor is a key part of keeping the public safe. I think that Tom Holland is the best person to assume this role, and I am proud to endorse him.

Joe Catalano