Writer grateful for returned purse

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On Aug. 24, I had just finished shopping at my friendly Food Lion on Main Street. I got home and found that I was missing my purse. I realized that I must have left it in the police car shopping cart that my grandson, Talmadge, was riding through the store.
I immediately got into another car and left my cold groceries at home for my daughter to take care of. I raced back to the store and frantically searched the parking lot to no avail.
To my great surprise my purse had been found and already locked into the safe. Something told Dan Jackson that I looked a little frazzled as I was trying to hold on to Talmadge and get my groceries into the trunk. Dan went straight over and retrieved my purse. Thank you so much, Dan, and I still love you. You saved my day and much heartache. Don’t know what I would do without my Family Food Lion family.

Gwen Furse