Writer fasting to bring attention to budget cuts

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In protest of the outrageous budget being debated in Washington, I recently joined with more than 22,000 other Americans and prominent faith leaders in fasting. I am choosing to miss a meal each day.
If this budget passes, some poor children in the United States will have no choice.
As I write this, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint are seriously debating forcing veterans into homelessness and cutting food aid to pregnant women and children, while giving tax breaks to billionaires.
Rep. Mick Mulvaney, who represents most people in The Lancaster News’ circulation area, is actually on the House Budget Committee, as many are aware. The priorities of the Tea Party are not only wrong, but will have a devastating impact on our community.
Sadly, those who will go hungry because of these cuts are largely invisible to decision-makers in Washington, who are themselves, measured by material wealth, mostly among the top 1 percent of Americans. By fasting in solidarity, I hope to make their suffering visible, and expose the immorality of this policy.
It is time for Sens. Graham and DeMint to stop greasing the palms of their wealthy benefactors and pass a budget that is fair to all Americans and protects all in our community.
I hope my fast will help call attention to the great injustice of the debate happening now in Washington.

Nik Bramblett
Rock Hill