Writer disappointed in McGriff

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I had the opportunity to attend the recent swearing-in of Lancaster County Council members. As it is the first time that County Council will have a Republican majority, it was a historic moment.
While I was encouraged by the general show of unity among council members, I was disappointed to see Council-member Charlene
McGriff’s remarks in The Lancaster News, where she viewed Lancaster as a small and rural county.
Given the many changes in the last 10 years or so in the county’s north end, I’m surprised she would believe this to be the case. The county is now home to corporate headquarters, major retail establishments and new neighborhoods and is adding a new school and is even home to a cable network. As a member of County Council, she should be more informed about the changes taking place in her county.
Considering the county’s long history of high unemployment and low household incomes, it’s unfortunate that she would have expressed that she had a problem with someone with a corporate background leading council. If Chairman Larry McCullough is able to set a more business-friendly tone on council and use that approach to help recruit more business growth to Lancaster County, then I’d say that would be a good thing.
Lancaster County will face a lot of challenges in the coming years, as we work together to make sure this growth does not get out of hand and that the influx of new people and businesses will produce benefits for the entire county.
In a county that is filled with empty industrial plants and textile mills, it will take vision and teamwork to make this happen and being an angry or short-sighted “no” vote on council is not a responsible approach.
McGriff’s “no” votes for the new council leadership and her views about Lancaster County and her fellow council members were disappointing. Her constituents may want to ask themselves if she really represents their views and is an informed and effective member of County Council.

Earl Capps
Indian Land