Writer compels Haley to fix roads

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Editor’s note: Following is a copy of letter Lancaster resident Thaddeus Sexton Jr. sent to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

Dear Gov. Haley,

Rowell Road in Lancaster County is only 2.3 miles long. There are about 40 houses on the road and it is one of the major roads, which lead to Tabernacle United Methodist Church. I’ve included some pictures that were taken recently to show the condition of the road.

Granted, some of these have since been “repaired” if you can really call what was done to them a repair. When they repair, the holes are usually eaten out again before the trucks get back to town. And this time, to their utter disgrace, they only “repaired” holes where there was muddy water standing and most of it a foot deep. If the water had dried up or no red mud was showing, they just left the pothole and moved on.

Further, the hole (bigger than just a pothole) in the center of the road in front of my home is more than 9 feet by 5 feet and has not had a complete patching in months. The asphalt on the entire road has worn away to what appears to be less than an inch anywhere on the road.

It is a disgrace to Lancaster to have a road in this kind of disrepair. The good people at Tabernacle shudder to invite people to come visit our church because of the condition of the road. It has been more than 50 years since the road was repaved. All of you reading this know that there are many roads in the county which have had many, many re-pavings in that time.

We feel we are long past due for our road to have some of the attention given to other roads in Lancaster County.

Thaddeus Sexton Jr.