Writer commends Buford Middle 9/11 program

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I would like to commend Sherry Wells, Garrett Hammond and all of the Buford Middle School staff and students for the excellent 9/11 program that they recently presented. It was dignified, respectful and moving. I sincerely hope that this will become an annual tradition. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire gym by the end of the program. It was very evident that a lot of hard work, thought and planning was put into this.
I wish other schools within the district would take note and in the future put on a program such as this. It would be a way to recognize other hometown heroes that live in our communities not just in Buford. The residents of Lancaster should be proud of the fine men and women who serve our community as law enforcement officers, fire service and emergency medical personnel. They are a very hard-working dedicated group of men and women, who put their lives on the line everyday when they go to work to protect and serve us, the citizens of Lancaster County.
We, as citizens, should go out of our way to thank them and their families everyday for the extreme dedication and sacrifices they make. Most average citizens have no idea what these men and women and their families go through. Wondering whether their mother, father, brother, sister or even themselves will come home at the end of their shift. Wondering if what they hear on the scanner is about their loved one or colleague.
Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Gene Moore and Bobby Parker of the Lancaster County School District for allowing this program to be presented. I hope and encourage you, as administrators, to encourage other schools and faculty to start their own type of 9/11 program. I feel that this, or something similar to this is the only way to ensure that future generations to come here in Lancaster County never forget what happened on that horrible day 12 years ago.
Buford Middle School’s program  definitely embodied the phrase, “We will never forget.” I am very proud that my son attends, and my two daughters attended such a fine school that recognizes the sacrifices these brave men and women give to Lancaster County each and everyday.

Melissa Weisner Roach