Writer applauds Whittlesey’s column

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Franklin Whittlesey’s guest column, “Gun-ban effort infringes on our right to bear arms,” in the March 1 edition of The Lancaster News was thought-provoking in several ways. I felt as though I learned a lot by reading his comments. Then on March 15, letter writer Robert Gilliberti suggested more research on Whittlesey’s part.
I am not sure what subject needed clarification, but the home-schoolers in this family benefited from the firearms history mentioned in his article.
As citizens, we  hope and pray our lawmakers and government will do the right thing, but only time will tell what their plans are for America. We do seem to be losing our freedoms little by little, day by day and bit by bit.
I really appreciated reading Mr. Whittlesey’s comments, which were informational and not fear-mongering.  He obviously is an observer of human frailty and history in general. I am just one South Carolina person who applauds Mr. Whittlesey’s comments about the ongoing right to bear arms issue.

Pat Coniguliaro