Writer applauds Mulvaney for his stance

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I would like to respond to Shirley Bickford’s recent letter about compromise. Compromise means both sides giving up some things and getting some things. I keep up with the goings-on in Washington and it looks to me like President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress want Republicans to roll over and play dead so they can continue spending us in oblivion.
They want everything their way. Didn’t Obama recently say he wanted no negotiating on raising the debt ceiling and the Dems are insisting he have free rein to raise it when he wants – which is unconstitutional? Of course, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn said on national TV a few years ago that they didn’t pay any attention to the Constitution anymore.
Obama has already raised our national debt 35 percent in four years. He never says anything about cutting spending. Even the Congressional Budget Office, which is non-partisan, has suggested several areas to cut spending, which have been totally ignored.
Some of us adhere to personal responsibility and take care of ourselves instead of relying on the government to take care of us. I applaud U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney for standing by his conservative principles and hope he continues to do so.  

Bobbie Faile