Writer: Animals should not be equalized to humans

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By Jensan Louis

I would like to thank Lancaster residents Mary Reimers "Time to change animal abuse laws" and Barbara Small "Writer proud of legislators for protecting animal rights" and John Goodwin from the U.S. Humane Society for their replies to my letter "Anti-cockfighters seek to take away rights."

Thanks for proving my point that people are personifying animals with human emotions and souls that they don't have. Thank you for proving that rash emotions are superceding common sense and empathy for your fellow man in regard for laws and accompanying penalties.

Reimer said she felt as if she had, "stepped back 200 years" when she read my letter. Well, the United States was much more patriotic and God still had a place 200 years ago. So I thank you for that compliment.

Small asked, "Where is the heart soul and feelings?" Goodwin said South Carolina needs to be brought in line with other states for felony cockfighting."

You are missing my point.

What about House bill SC H.B. 3813, the Animal Ecological Terrorism Act, which allows these animal rights extremists to be prosecuted when they stalk your property, take photos of your animals and try to tell you what you can and cannot do with them?

They didn't tell you about that bill did they?

Blow as much smoke as you would like, but you will not cover up my point. The law has to be fair, not biased. Animals should not be equalized to humans when it comes to crime and punishment.

Jensan Louis