Wrier urges people to drive safely

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By J.R> Everette

I read where yet another person was killed in an auto wreck. Could this wreck have been prevented? The answer is obvious. Considering all the wrecks in South Carolina, everyone should be required to take drivers education.

Bad roads are some reasons for the wrecks. When a driver is passing illegally you have to ask yourself if that driver took drivers education. Was that person intoxicated, on drugs or talking on a cell phone?

Just think about it the next time you are driving. Please turn your lights on when it is dawn or dusk, raining or foggy. Please do the right thing and use your turn signals.

For the car driver who passed me and another car on a hill in a curve in a no passing zone at 6:30 a.m. June 20 I want to let you know that if I had not slammed on brakes there would have been another fatality. There was another vehicle coming right at us.

I hope the S.C. Highway Patrol can do something to stop this ignorant driving I see on a daily basis in this county.

J.R. Everette