Women grateful for good Samaritans

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By The Staff

People always amaze me. Just when I thought human kind was going down the tubes, I get a big surprise that restored my faith in people.

My friend, Cassie, and I run a small animal rescue here in Lancaster County. We were on our way to a veterinarian in Union to have some dogs and puppies spayed and neutered when someone turned in front of us. I had no where to go and I hit the other car. There were 10 dogs and puppies in the car with us, including my dog and Cassie’s dog.

When my car stopped spinning we couldn’t find Cassie’s dog. We finally found her between my seat and the drivers door beneath my feet.

I finally got my door open and was able to pick up the small, limp body of a dog that was loved so much and I sank to the ground with her in my arms. Cassie held tight to my dog as I held hers. My own dog had survived.

The next thing I remember is a man kneeling before me saying, “Let me help her.” His eyes were kind and his voice gentle. He took Cassie’s dog out of my arms and gave her CPR then rushed her to the vet. Sadly it was to late for Sugar. She died beside the road on S.C. 9 in Fort Lawn.

I remember seeing so many people. I remember these strangers opening the hatch on my mangled Explorer and digging all the other dogs and puppies out of the crates – checking on them, holding them, and comforting them. Those people showing compassion to the animals meant more to us that day than anything in the world.

I hope everyone of them read this because Cassie and I want to say thank you.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for stopping. Thank you for every soft word you spoke to each dog or puppy. Thank you for each pat on the head.

The dogs are our world and all of you who were there will never know how much it meant to us to see other people caring about each and every one of them – to know we were not alone in caring about them.

And thank you to the kind man whose face I will never forget for trying everything in his power to save Sugar. Thank you, Fort Lawn Animal Hospital for trying their best for Sugar.

My dog Willow is home safe and sound and the other eight foster puppies went to their new homes this past weekend and are all doing just fine.

We have comfort in knowing Sugar also made it home to the hands of God.

All your kindness will never be forgotten by either of us.

Michelle Deese


Cassie Stiltner