Woman reports assault by mob, dropped child

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Investigation into incident outside AM/PM gas station on Dec. 15

By Chris Sardelli

Investigators continue to interview witnesses in an alleged assault by a mob outside a Lancaster gas station earlier this month.

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Matt Shaw said deputies are still determining exactly what happened to a Lancaster woman Dec. 15 outside the AM/PM gas station, at 1553 Lynwood Drive.

Deputies responded to a fight in progress outside the gas station just after 5 p.m. And spoke with a 35-year-old victim at the scene, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

The woman told deputies she and a man were pumping gas at the station when a woman she recognized pulled up behind them. The woman, who was holding a 7-month-old baby, began yelling at the man, the report said.
The victim said the woman saw her sitting in the car, dropped her baby on the ground, ran toward the car and opened the passenger side door. That’s when the woman hit the victim in her eye with some keys, the report said.

She told deputies she remembered seeing another woman pick the baby up off the ground.
The victim was then struck several times by the woman and at least three other women outside the store, who also pulled her hair, the report said.

Someone inside the gas station’s store yelled they were calling police and the women stopped long enough for the victim to get back in the car, the report said.

The women then began to hit the man, though he and the victim were able to drive away.
Deputies noted in the report the victim had a swollen eye and was complaining about head pain, but refused treatment by Emergency Medical Services.

Shaw said no arrests have been made in the case, though deputies continue to speak with people who may be involved in the alleged assault. Deputies also planned to review footage from the gas station’s surveillance camera.

“We’re still looking for some people to interview so we can get everyone’s side of the story,” Shaw said.
The case has also been forwarded to the Department of Social Services to investigate the report of the woman dropping the baby. Shaw did not have information about that aspect of the case.

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