Woman injured in car dragging

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Police charge two in incident

A Lancaster woman was severely injured after she was allegedly dragged by a car Oct. 14, and two women have since been charged in the incident. 


Rebecca Ann Polston, 35, 1037 Mullis Circle, was arrested on charges of driving under suspension and aggravated assault and battery.

Stacey Lea Brewer, 35, 1029 Lakeshore Drive, was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Both were arrested minutes after the incident, according to a Lancaster Police Department incident report. 

Officers were called to the 300 block of Rutledge Street minutes before midnight after receiving two separate 911 calls from witnesses who saw the assault. 

At the scene, officers spoke with the victim, a 31-year-old Lancaster woman, who had several injuries.

They noted in the report the victim had a large number of cuts to her lower torso which were bleeding and missing skin. 

The victim told officers the assault began when Brewer jumped on her and then the two started fighting. 

Brewer then allegedly jumped in a car driven by Polston and the victim was dragged for approximately 50 feet after her hand was caught in a door, the report said. 

“There were four occupants inside the vehicle as it drove with (the victim) hanging on and the people were screaming for the driver to stop,” an officer wrote in the report. 

An officer searched the scene and found the woman’s socks in the middle of the road, which were collected as evidence. 

“The socks were torn and ripped indicating she had been dragged,” an officer wrote in the report. 

Based on witness reports of the direction the car was heading, police found it moments later driving along Meeting Street near Woodland Drive and stopped it. 

Polston was charged with driving under suspension and aggravated assault and battery for using the car to drag the victim down the highway, the report said. 

Brewer was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the scene, the report said. 


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