Woman grateful for help after fire

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By The Staff

I would like to thank all who helped me during the loss of my home on Feb. 26, including McDonald Green and Gooches volunteer fire departments.

These are very special men who volunteer their time and risk their lives for our communities. They need your support and prayers at all times. Thank you deputy Branham and investigator Marshall for their time in a caring, polite and professional manner.

Thanks to all who called and offered to help and let me know they cared. Thanks to the Red Cross for their help. Thank you Allen Laneou for calling to let me know.  

A very special thank you for my family Steven and Taylor Pitmon, Bonnie Hensley and Jill Hunter.

Also, my extended family and friends Brent Richardson, Lynn Jewett, Billy Causey, his children and grandchildren.

Thank you Nancy Jewett and Crestview Baptist Church for your kindness.

Also, thanks to anyone I have left out.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers and God will surely take care of me.

God bless each one of you.

Sandra Pittmon