Wilmore basketball coach at Lewisville

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Travis Jenkins
Landmark Bews Service
LEWISVILLE – Two years ago, Lewisville High School hired a former player without much coaching experience as its new boys basketball coach.
They’re repeating that formula and hoping for similar results.
Earlier this summer, Lewisville Athletic Director Rusty Pemberton announced the hiring of George Wilmore.
Wilmore actually played for the arch rival of the Lions, the Great Falls Red Devils, in high school. He did not play at the college level, but was a student assistant for the Winthrop University men’s team. After graduation, he spent another year assisting at Winthrop before going to York High School as an assistant coach this past year.
“A couple of things really impressed me about him,” Pemberton said. “The main things were his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game.”
Pemberton said Wilmore is young and doesn’t have a lot of experience, but said that description would also fit Wilmore’s high school coach.
“He played for John Smith. Forty-some years ago, Coach Smith was brand new, right out of college and somebody gave him a chance.
“Now he’s the winningest coach in the history of the state. Everybody I called about him, including coach Smith, sang his praises and said he was going to be a very good coach,” Pemberton said.
Two years ago, Lewisville hired Larry Davis as its head coach.
Davis set state scoring records at Denmark-Olar High School, won a national title with the North Carolina Tar Heels and an SEC regular season crown with the South Carolina Gamecocks.
Davis had limited coaching experience, but still won a state title this past season. He announced last spring he was leaving Lewisville to take the head coaching job at Northwestern High.
Davis replaced Mike Gossett as the head basketball coach at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill.