Will Sharpton bring his compassion to Lancaster?

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By Bob Lucas

The Rev. Al Sharpton is a busy man. He traveled to Durham, N.C., to defend a person who falsely accused three white, innocent Duke lacrosse players of a crime the courts determined never happened. The Rev. Sharpton seems to be a man of compassion and concern for those who have faced tragedy and and for those who have been placed into a situation of pure terror.

I admired the Rev. Sharpton when he walked hand in hand in Charlotte with the mother whose son had been shot by a law officer.

I hope my admiration for the Rev. Sharpton and his compassion for others will bring him to Lancaster so that he, too, may walk hand in hand with the 70-year-old woman, who escaped from the trunk of her own vehicle just last week.

If this isn't possible, then perhaps the Rev. Sharpton would feel our pain, as innocent, law-abiding citizens, who must now dig deep into our depleted pockets to pay for a courthouse we had no part in destroying.

You don't have to be in prison, tortured or mistreated to experience cruel and unusual punishment. All you have to do is be a law-abiding citizen who will pay, as long as you shall live, for what someone else destroys.

It's time for innocent people to be given a break instead of those who commit crimes.

Bob Lucas