Will Chinese company truly benefit county?

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I read about the Chinese company that plans to build a textile mill in Indian Land. I have a hard time believing that they could open this plant and make money, when our existing textile mills all closed down.

Wait a minute, could it be because of all the benefits that Lancaster County Economic Development Corp. is offering the company, like special resource bonds of $7.7 million, authorizing a fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement and other special considerations.

But wait the company has promised to invest $218 million and hire 500 workers over an eight-year time frame. I wonder how much of that $218 million will be spent here in Lancaster County? Well, we know they have to purchase the land, but who will build the plant? I would guess it will be a construction company from North Carolina.

Will the machinery be made in the United States? I don’t think so. I bet most of the workers will be from North Carolina. And of course, we will not see any tax money for quite some time.

Has the City of Lights agreement with the county been kept? And, also the people hired there must be from North Carolina because if you ride through the business you will see the majority of the license plates are from there. So, how do businesses like this benefit Lancaster County, after we footed the bill?

What if LCEDC made these kind of offers to existing businesses in the county to let them expand with the same promise to hire more workers? I think this would help our county more than giving away the store to some foreign country.

I know LCEDC and Lancaster County Council are too busy looking for that perfect home for LCEDC and how they are going to fit all the furniture they ordered and, of course, the funding allocation for them.

I know all these things are important, but it seems council spends a lot of time debating these issues. I guess they have been watching our Congress at work.

John Realmuto