Wilkenfeld letter: Public not informed about health-care act

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I was raised on New York City “street smarts” until I moved to Charlotte 30 years ago.
I have two college degrees, read the New York Times 365 (days a year). I subscribe to Forbes, Business Week and the International Herald Tribune online.
At the ripe old age of 74, I can tell you that the biggest mistake the president made was not getting the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C., to print a question-and-answer booklet (on the health-care act) and mail it gratis to all Americans.
Those for and against this health-care bill hardly know enough about all the true facts. What they have heard is hearsay.
I have all the time in the world as a retiree to research this and it is still garbled. Those who dismiss this out of hand I am guessing are not half as smart as they think they are, and the intelligentsia, to which I belong, do not know all the facts either.
But I do not condemn this just because we have a Democratic president. I would take the same position if I were Republican.
The public is and was not fully or properly informed.
Merrel Wilkenfeld
Indian Land