Why we should re-elect our sheriff

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For the first time anyone can remember, we get two choices for sheriff in the Nov. 6 general election – Barry Faile, our current sheriff, and Scott Case, a police officer from Great Falls.
From a once-over on Mr. Case’s website, one would want to shout and sing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” However, when you scroll down to the details, his plans for the sheriff’s department are about as clear as a mud puddle. For instance, direct communication with the public via satellite sheriff’s office locations is part of his plan. Nowhere on his website or in his public statements has he said how he’s going to pay for them. Is he expecting Lancaster County Council to write the check? Does he even have the financial skills or background to manage a multimillion-dollar budget and understand the intricacies of public funding and grant processes? Where are those qualifications? Are we to believe he acquired that experience from his course study at York Tech?
Mr. Case would like for us to see his experience by throwing the name of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on his resume. Tell us more about what you did, Mr. Case, as a DEA operative in Panama and disclose your dates of employment. Give us some details, not bullet points on a website.
Mr. Case has been in law enforcement for only five years, according to The Lancaster News. Five years? With that kind of hands-on experience, it would be like promoting the Walmart greeter to store manager.
Sheriff Faile’s background is clearly documented and well-known. He rose through the ranks and served in several roles. He’s been a patrol officer, an investigator, led the drug task force, chief deputy and sheriff. He’s had more than 20 years of actual on-the-ground, real-world, law enforcement experience. From his basic police training to FBI training, his professional education is second to none in this county. That kind of experience tells me he’s the real deal.
His accomplishments are recognized throughout the state. He led his office through the accreditation process. The last two S.C. Deputies of the Year are from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. A recent S.C. Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year is from the sheriff’s office. His department has won multiple other awards.
Faile has restructured staffing to put more officers and patrols in communities and neighborhoods. We, here in Indian Land, are especially at risk, due to our location near North Carolina and our expanding business growth. He has upgraded information management systems and technology to integrate criminal records with surrounding South Carolina and North Carolina counties.
Faile  has obtained $1.3 million in grant funding for his department.
I don’t care if Barry Faile is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Green Party. He has proven himself to be worthy of the office of sheriff. And his loyalty and dedication is to us, the citizens of Lancaster County.
Sheriff Faile, you have my vote and support. Will he have yours? Because we can not fail with Barry Faile as our sheriff.

Beverly Lynch
Indian Land