Why hasn’t our congressman supported American Jobs Act?

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U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney should have the courage to put politics aside for the sake of the small business owners, firefighters, police officers, engineers, construction workers, educators and the unemployed in South Carolina. Support the American Jobs Act.
The American Jobs Act is made up of ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans.
The economic impact for this state is huge:
u In South Carolina, 80,000 small business firms will receive a payroll tax cut.
u An immediate investment of $483 million for highways and transit projects could create a minimum of 6,300 local jobs in South Carolina.
u $429.5 million in funds would be available to avoid and reverse layoffs of police and firefighters.
u The American Jobs Act will support up to 6,400 jobs in education for South Carolina.
u $381.4 million in funding would be available to modernize public schools in South Carolina and create 5,000 jobs.
u $46.5 million would put construction workers to work to revitalize local communities in South Carolina.
u $70.8 million in funding would be available for South Carolina community colleges in the next fiscal year to ensure that local education institutions can meet technical workforce demands.
The American Jobs Act will put people back to work and will do so without adding one dime to the deficit.
In a recent article in Carolina Gateway, Mulvaney stated that he didn’t think that President Barack Obama’s version of the bill had been introduced yet and that he has only seen a summary of the bill and will review it in depth soon. What is he waiting for? People need jobs! All information about the American Jobs Act is available online. I was concerned about how the bill would impact my state, so I researched the facts. Wouldn’t you think that, as our representative, Mulvaney would be concerned enough to do the same?  
He stated that his overall outlook is fairly grim for the upcoming year. It appears that he plans to do nothing to help the people in South Carolina and the small businesses that need assistance. These statements should be of concern to voters in District 5.
It appears that Mulvaney is overwhelmed by the daily duties that require his attention. Perhaps, due to an impulse for change, voters elected an unqualified person to represent us in Washington, D.C.
South Carolinians deserve to know the truth about issues that affect their daily lives, not political talking points and distorted charts and graphs.

Sheila Bickford is an Indian Land