Whittlesey’s gun control column ‘inane filler’

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If anyone were to judge our area based solely on the submissions of Franklin Whittlesey Sr. that have been printed in The Lancaster News and the Carolina Gateway, they might be inclined to think Lancaster County doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.   
As I stare open-mouthed at the useless, inane filler the newspapers thought worthy of a guest column titled “Gun-ban effort infringes on Americans’ right to bear arms,” I have to wonder if Mr. Whittlesey is the uncle of a staff member, a stock holder in Landmark Media or if there was just nothing else to print.
There can be no other reason, aside from maybe a feeble attempt at comedy, to subject your readers to yet another out-of-touch rambling by this man who obviously has no understanding of what issues and stories are actually affecting the country today.  
Is he kidding when he provides us with elementary answers to questions nobody is even asking?
I consider myself well-informed on current affairs. In all the TV, radio and periodical coverage regarding the gun control debate in our country today, I have yet to hear one person ask where a gun comes from, who invented it, how it’s made or how it kills someone.
Perhaps Mr. Whittlesey is confusing the news coverage with reruns of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.”
If he is actually following real news, then he surely is incapable of interpreting it, because he writes about a gun ban, which nobody is asking for, and he talks about a time, presumably soon, “when our government confiscates all the guns,” which is ridiculous.
Is the man capable of comprehending the difference between a ban and a background check?
While there has been a proposal to ban military-style assault weapons, the only real push for change regarding guns has been for our country to create a universal background check system with proper training required and a national registry of firearms sold and owned, which is no more than we require to own and operate an automobile.
The very reason we can’t have intelligent conversation and compromise on this very serious issue is because of people just like Franklin Whittlesey Sr. who are prone to reactive, nonsensical fear-mongering.   

Crystal Stango
Indian Land