White House response same – no matter letter content

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Randolph English and the Both Sides Stop the Violence Committee apparently believe that they actually received a response from the White House in respect to their letter urging that more be done to stop firearms-related homicides.
Let me disabuse them of that belief.
I wrote to the White House early last spring. In my letter, I was harshly critical of the administration for calling for more unconstitutional restrictions on firearms owners while the BATF has been found to have been aiding and abetting in illegal firearms trafficking and the Department of Justice flatly refuses to prosecute the nearly 100,000 individuals, who attempt to buy firearms each year but are prohibited from doing so due to a previous criminal conviction or other disqualification.  This administration has continued to the present day to engage in a cover-up of the involvement of high-ranking officials in the firearms trafficking scandal.
Not one official has been prosecuted. Of the illegal attempts to buy firearms each year by disqualified individuals, less than one out of 1,000 has been prosecuted.
On Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, I finally received a response from the White House. Word for word, it was the same form letter so proudly submitted by Randolph English and the Both Sides Stop the Violence Committee to The Lancaster News.
This administration pays no attention to anything other than its own talking points.
It is clear to anyone who can stand up, see lightning and hear thunder that the goals of this administration have little to do with prosecuting criminals. Rather, their goals are to disarm the people, which history tells us is a crucial and necessary step on the road to a dictatorship.

John P. Baker