When will we learn to drive safely?

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This is an open letter to the residents of the Camp Creek community. I live on John Everall Road, which I consider the Camp Creek community. What will it take for us to learn that speed and reckless driving kills? On my way to church a recent Sunday morning, less than one mile from my house, I met two cars driving left of the center line at a high rate of speed. Need I say that John Everall Road is a dangerous road? It has numerous curves and one is a blind curve. As I made my way to Camp Creek Road, I had to stop because a man in an SUV was stopped on the right side of the road, fully in the right lane. Apparently, he was retrieving his newspaper from his box.
I had driven less than two miles and I counted three roadside memorials where young people lost their lives. Speed and carelessness equal victims.
As I made my way to church I passed another roadside memorial. Before I got to church I had passed seven such sites, meaning seven people died in less than five miles.
If I had taken another route, I probably would have counted at least that many or more. Most of the roads in this community are rural and narrow with lots of curves. The posted speed limit is 30 to 45 mph.
Most are residential areas and densely populated. Yet, many people speed and drive carelessly and unconcerned about their lives, their passengers or our neighbors and friends who have to travel these roads everyday.
I can stand in my front yard and see the scarred tree where a young man lost his life and left his younger brother seriously injured.
When will we learn? How many more roadside memorials do we have to place for our sons and daughters?
Please, please, please stop and think before you start your car. And pray for safe passage.

Norma P. Neal