We're asked to pay for courthouse we don't ever use

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By The Staff

I was reading about the tax increase to pay for a new courthouse and then I read William Hough’s letter about the $33 million cost to build it. I want someone to explain to me, why?

My mother, Linda S. Stevens, was killed in a car wreck on July 2, 1999, when an out-of-state trucker failed to yield right of way and plowed into the side of her minivan, killing her and putting my aunt on life support for two months.

The driver was charged with reckless homicide. He spent two nights in jail and was released the day we were having my mother’s funeral. At his court date, his attorney stood up and said he was not guilty, so we were expecting a trial.

Before we left the courtroom that day, we spoke to the solicitor whosaid, “We will have to look at this case and consider all factors, like what it will cost Lancaster County to go to trial and if this act is worth taking 10 years of this man’s life for.”

Needless to say, we were heartbroken. What’s even more appalling is it has been more than nine years and we still haven’t had a court date, and my mother’s case is still open. Not only did this man get away with killing my mother and seriously hurting my aunt, he was never convicted of a crime. So, he never lost his driver’s license or CDL. Where’s the justice in that?

And now our family is expected to pay higher taxes to rebuild a courthouse that we’ve never been stepped foot in except to face this truck driver.

My mom worked at Springs for more than 27 years. More than 400 people showed up at her funeral. She was two weeks away from celebrating her 35th wedding anniversary. She was only eight days away from her 52nd birthday. She was the heart of our family and we feel the effects of her being gone everyday. She was and still is priceless to us, but her value to Lancaster County was zero. How much is your family worth to Lancaster County?

Angela Cox