We're all responsible for our actions

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By The Staff

I was sitting at home with my pit bull dog and was thinking about a lot of things. The television was off and the only sound I could hear was her breathing. I realized how many people have their own look at things – how we perceive, assume and anticipate things.

Some people make friends with their pets. Some never have an emotional feeling toward their pets. Some use their pets to aid their handicaps. Some race their dogs. Some use theirs to hunt. Some pet theirs. For some pets, the only attention they get is a food and water refill. Isn’t that interesting? Animals really are amazing. We can teach them to like what they do – fetch, sit, speak, lead the blind, protect, hunt other animals and fight other animals. Chickens fight chickens. Boxers punch other boxers. Wrestlers entertain our children. Mankind isn’t much less of beast than our very own pets.

Being white, black, Hispanic, Italian, Arabian or whatever does not matter when it comes to how you behave. Being a pit bull, poodle, lab, pincher, or whatever does not matter when it comes to how a dog behaves. A wild animal will do whatever it wants for food, shelter and recreation.

An untaught human will do the same. The reason many different folks think differently is because we are all taught differently. A leash law should be for all or none.

People need to remember that blacks were not allowed to vote at one point in history. Neither were women. We grow and learn.

People who own pets are responsible for their pets. People who have children are responsible for their children. People who make laws are responsible for those laws.

James Robert Davidson

Heath Springs