We thank outgoing council members

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By The Staff

Six men who served Lancaster County residents in elected office are stepping down from their seats.

Audrey Curry, Danny O’Brien and Bill Sumner are vacating their seats on Lancaster City Council, and Wesley Grier, Wayne Kersey and Bryan Vaughn are leaving the posts on County Council at the end of the year.

We want to thank them for their work, and we hope you will, too.

Being an elected official on either City Council or Council Council is a tough job.

You have to campaign for the seat, win it and then, if you like, try to keep if for another term.

In between the campaigning, you have to attend regular and special council meetings – sometimes long ones and sometimes contentious ones.

You also have to attend committee meetings, and you may have to take on public relations duties, such as meeting with industrial or business prospects and attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

You also have to answer to constituents on the job, at church or when you’re out for dinner or going shopping. You’re pressured by people with conflicting interests. Sometimes your phone rings off the hook with people wanting to tell you how to vote.

You take criticism from the public for your votes and your actions. The newspaper sometimes criticizes your actions, too.

Of course, there are advantages to elected office.

You’re regarded as a community leader. You know what’s going on before others do. You get to make important decisions and shape public policy. You help your community.

You also get some pay for your work, though not much. You get invited to luncheons and other events that you otherwise wouldn’t be invited to. You probably get some sense of personal fulfillment from the job, perhaps even an ego trip. And you get a resume item, which may or may not help you in your career or business, but that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve in public office.

But it’s often a tireless and thankless job – one that most of us simply don’t want – for the stress, criticisms and pressures that one must endure to get those benefits of elected office.

That’s why we want to thank Curry, O’Brien and Sumner for their work on City Council and Grier, Kersey and Vaughn for their work on County Council.

Grier, Kersey and Vaughn each served one term on County Council, and Curry, O’Brien and Sumner each served multiple terms on City Council. Each of them did hard work during their tenure.

We hope you’ll remember to give them a thank you for their work, too.