We plan to stay in Lancaster, encourage its growth

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We moved to Lancaster less than a year ago. Obviously, we disagree with the CNN report, recognize it to be a negative to growth, but also think it makes some valid points. Lancaster is a great, quiet, cost-effective place to live.  
But if you want 21st-century amenities, then you often need to leave town.
Local shopping is basically over-run by a Walmart, while we let Main Street and other shopping centers remain with excessive empty spaces.
Other than Charley’s, we have no better restaurants due to our 19th-century alcohol laws fostered on residents by control freaks.
Such behavior reminds me of the people who told us that the pope was going to take over the United States if John F. Kennedy was elected president; some are still suspicious.
We have a road system and a railroad system that need upgrading, but we let a high sales tax and a low gasoline tax deter such improvements.  
It is going to take more than lighted trees to attract business growth.
On the positive side, we have many pluses, such as the University of South Carolina Lancaster.
We intend to stay in Lancaster to encourage and watch it figure out to recover and grow.
Both our Lancaster County Economic Development Corp. and Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce must be key to this.
I hope others will also encourage representatives to actively pursue needed growth, including tourism.
It takes more than talk and all of us can be ambassadors to sell the benefits of the Red Rose City.

Nicholas Pasquine