We need new leadership in Senate

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Brian Carnes is a successful small-businessman, and I think those who make it in the business world are the real leaders and voices of our state and country. They know how to take a risk and build upon it.
They have the common sense to make right decisions when serving in government, not just the politically correct decisions to get re-elected again and again or move up the food chain as many in office have done.
I’ve seen firsthand how Brian keeps an open mind to all sides of an issue, not just catering to those who contributed to his campaign or want special favors. He is a man of integrity – not only a man of integrity because of his business savvy, he’s a man of integrity in the true and best sense of the word.
He is someone who loves our state and country because we’re a free country where economic freedom is what makes everything work right, not more government involvement in every corner of our lives.
We need someone who can create jobs; someone who can create a new economic base and recruit businesses that will survive here in District 16.  We need new leadership that is not running for his next seat, or someone who came back for a personal reason. We need a leader who will survive and strive in District 16.
We need business leaders like Brian Carnes in office who can and will create a new economic base of small-business owners but he can only accomplish that by having you vote on Feb. 22.
I ask you to please consider Brain Carnes for the S.C. Senate District 16 seat.

Michael Hanson
Fort Mill