We need more people paying taxes

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Rudy Schmidt wrote an excellent letter, “An American fairy tale,” in the July 31 edition of The Lancaster News. That is more than what I can say for Gil Small, chairman of the Lancaster County Democratic Party. His column, “There are some in Congress we can rely on to get the job done,” sounded like it was from an AP President Barack Obama parrot article. He mentions debt-ceiling raises under President George W. Bush, but neglects to mention most of them were by a Democrat-controlled Congress.
Small mentions two wars by President Bush, which protected us from further 9-11-type attacks on our soil, but fails to mention that President Obama has increased our war involvements around the globe. He says we were sent to Iraq for some reason, but fails to indicate it was based on intelligence from here and abroad.
Small fails to mention that the housing and bank meltdowns are the direct results of actions by Democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. Like a lib, Small whines about corporate tax cuts, but does not mention we have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, which has resulted in outsourcing of jobs. Then he comes off as a moocher.
Let me understand Small’s logic. A business man studies hard, works hard and has more money than I do.
So, we are to take it away from him so others can have a free ride. Small then absurdly tried to pin Social Security and Medicare changes on Republicans.
It was President Obama who threatened not to send out Social Security checks. Does he plan to steal that reserve also? It is Obamcare that cuts $1/2 trillion out of Medicare to fund some of President Obama’s welfare agendas. He whines about “my way or the highway” and concessions – like when Obamcare was jammed down our throats?
The party in control gets to call the shots. That’s why we have elections.
Small also addressed the debt ceiling in his column. Most of us figured out this was nothing but an Obama-manufactured scam to try and get more cash to pander and buy more votes.
Small was right about giving a mandate. In November, we said we wanted this out-of-control spending stopped.
Democrats think we are so gullible that we will believe that going further into massive debt is good for our credit rating.
It would take more than 60 years to pay our existing debt without interest and if all taxpayers kicked in an extra $200 per month. That’s how bad it is.
Small said his hope is that reasonable minds will prevail in 2012 and the excessive spending will be slowed. We don’t need more taxes. We need more people paying taxes.

Nicholas Pasquine