We need to know if state for or against jobs

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South Carolina has one of the weakest governors in the nation, going back to post-reconstruction and the Constitution of 1895.
However, the one aspect of the office in which the governor has full power or parity with other states is in the area of commerce and economic development.
Why then will Gov. Nikki Haley not take a stand on the economic importance of Amazon’s location in South Carolina?
To our knowledge, there hasn’t been a single instance, or at least an instance that we can document, when the governor of South Carolina has declared neutrality on an economic development project of this importance.
Truth in Politics, a 501(c)(4) non-profit association, whose mission is to seek the truth in what happens in our capital, can no longer sit by and watch the circus surrounding Amazon be neglected by the governor.
We can only speculate that she is making the decision based on re-election politics.
If that is the case, she should remember a quote from Winston Churchill. 
“I see it said that leaders should keep their ears to the ground,” said the wartime prime minister. “All I can say is that the British nation will find it very hard to look up to the leaders who are detected in that somewhat ungainly position.”
Gov. Haley is avoiding her elected leadership responsibility.
The tea party and the angry mobs of people (which we actually agree with on many issues and applaud for standing up for what they think is right) are diametrically opposed to the Chamber of Commerce and economic growth.
It has been rumored from the time Gov. Haley took office that she is being groomed for higher national office.
It is scary to even draw this conclusion and we do not need to make light of it. But we believe that what the governor is doing is more like what Churchill said politicians in Britain were doing – testing the wind rather than pointing forward.
Without any rationalization as to why our governor is being neutral, we only can look at history to determine that this posturing is for nothing more than selfish political gain.
Unfortunately, in the end it’s the citizens of South Carolina who will lose in any event.
Gov. Haley, I’m sure that Truth In Politics is not the only group that would like to know the real truth.
At the very least, weigh in and show some leadership. Amazon, the legislators and the people of this state deserve to know whether you really are for or against this project.

Liana Orr
Executive director
Truth in Politics