We have been your newspaper for 158 years

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By The Staff

You may be reading this editorial as a printed product held in your hand, sprawled across the kitchen table while drinking your morning coffee or while scrolling down your computer screen or smart phone.

Today you have numerous methods of getting the news. And the dissemination of news has changed dramatically since the early years of smoke signals.

National Newspaper Week begins today and it’s a good time to take a look at what your community newspaper means to you.

The Lancaster News has been bringing you the news of your community for 158 years. And while a lot has changed in those years its evolution continues even today.

Our goal has always been to keep you informed and educated about what’s going on in our community. We bring you fair and balanced stories. We give you a list of local events and tell you what’s going on in the churches. We tell you who was born, who got married and who died. We give the scores of games. We bring you stories about inspiring people.

We bring you election results. If your son or daughter makes the honor roll, their name makes the paper.

Advertisers tout their wares and products on our pages. And polls show that businesses reap the benefits by advertising in newspapers.

But it’s no secret that newspapers are impacted by our spiraling economy. Across the nation, newspaper circulation has been dwindling for 10 years. There are some who say newspapers are nearing their death.

And some  daily/metro newspapers have folded. Many have cut their staff and made other changes to accommodate declining ad revenue and circulation.

But community newspapers are proving to be more resilient. Readers still want to be informed of what is happening locally.  They want to be involved in the community in which they raise their families.  

While businesses are struggling and advertising is down we are still committed to informing and educating our readers.

And we depend on our readers to keep us informed. Too often people think we are omnipresent and know everything.

We often tell folks that we don’t have a crystal ball. And we encourage people to call us and make us aware of what goes on.

While you can get your news almost anywhere on the Internet, polls show that the most trusted source of information is the local newspaper website.

We use both our printed product and our web site to get information out to you.

Whether you get your community news in our newspaper or our web site, our commitment is the same – to serve you, our readers.

A newspaper is only possible because of advertising, our staff and most importantly, our readers. We have a longterm relationship. And we plan to continue that relationship.