We are Lancaster! Really, I must be missing something

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Brian Autry

Don’t get me wrong. I was born and raised in Lancaster and, for the most part, I am proud to call it home.
I see and hear people complaining about the article published on CNN. I didn’t agree with it totally, but everyone should realize that this town has been on a steady decline business-wise ever since Springs Industries moved out of Lancaster.
What have Lancaster officials done to help counter the lack of business interest? Outside of building three multi-million-dollar county buildings (courthouse, Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority and Lancaster County Water & Sewer District), really nothing at all and I don’t see where those will help any.
I ask myself, what is so attractive about the northern half of Lancaster County besides being close to Pineville and Charlotte? I can’t think of anything else, but it seems like our wonderfully elected officials are concentrating solely on that part of Lancaster County.
New businesses and jobs continue to pour into that area and the southern half continues to dwindle.
Don’t forget, about 10 or so years ago it was very hard to even find Indian Land on a map. Now when an out-of-towner hears of Lancaster, they automatically think of Indian Land because that is where everything is at now.
There is something very wrong with this picture and no one seems to be trying to fix it.
So before everyone goes and puts all the blame on the writer from CNN, they may want to take a hard look at the men and women who lead our county.

Brian Autry