Water, Sewer District plays no favorites

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By W.B. Evans

At first read, I felt compelled to jump on the flap wagon protesting the cost of water service from Lancaster County Water and Sewer District.

For years my monthly bill was much higher than my immediate neighbors. I complained. I got nowhere. Insult came with injury when a goodly portion of my front yard was surrendered to the utilities for water, natural gas and communication services. I hoped my neighbors would understand my sacrifice to their well being.

For the high cost of county water, I had to give up my deep well and at leasttwo expensive pumps purchased within a six-year span. No more priming the pump at the worst possible times, no more keeping a light burning in the well house on cold nights. I did not have a flat rate on my water usage. The more the pump ran during the summer, the higher my electric bill.

Finding a plumber qualified in water pumps was a challenge. The last straw leading to my county water conversion was the report that a part of my pump's system had to be extracted from its earthly depths and a new foot or something installed at a cost far exceeding many monthly billings.

To my new, but distant, neighbors in Indian Land, be pleased you have county water available at the turn of a handle. There are no unsightly little well houses dotted over your manicured lawns, and you don't have to worry about the pump freezing up on a real cold night.

LCWSD plays no favorites. All county residents have the same rates, be ye rich or be ye poor. The greatest concern for all citizens of Lancaster County should be the continued availability of precious water in this time of drought. Hopefully, we will finds ways to reduce our consumption.

W.B. Evans