Wasson column: Black Horse Run resident protests DOT decision

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Meta Wasson is an Indian Land resident.

The S.C. Department of Transportation has decided to close the crossover at the entrance of Black Horse Run on U.S. 521 due to “safety concerns.”
This affects 150-plus families who use the crossover daily.
Black Horse Run has been developed for more than 40 years, long before Indian Land became the “hot spot” for development of strip shopping centers with little or no planning as to what the area, which is beginning to look like Cherry Road, might look like in the future.
This closing is a direct result of another gas station and KFC across the street being constructed.
I might add there were four gas stations within the block and now two more have been approved. One is in front of Walmart and the other is directly across from our entrance, which affects our neighborhood. This is poor planning and the residents of Black Horse Run are being held hostage.
Some things that really concern me are that the article said there were no objections from Black Horse Run about this closure.
This was announced at our June meeting as a “done deal.” When asked if anyone objected, I raised my hand, as did others.  There was just a handful of residents at this meeting. My guess is that most folks did not know about this closure.
School buses use this crossover daily during school months.
The only other entrance into Black Horse Run is Marvin Road, which is very dangerous. When pulling out from this entrance or turning into it on Man O War Road, there is a dip in Marvin Road and oncoming vehicles cannot be seen. It is a total blind spot.
We also experience flooding on Man O War Road when there are heavy rains.
I expect this new route for first responders for fire and medical emergencies will add time to their trips. Is it going to take someone getting killed for the Department of Transportation to realize its error in judgment?
Do we in Black Horse Run have any recourse?
Of course, there is another option when traveling south on Charlotte Highway  (U.S. 521). One could go to the light at Marvin Road and make a U-turn, which is probably the most dangerous, in my opinion. One has to contend with the Aldi traffic, as well as folks making a right turn from Marvin Road onto Charlotte Highway.
Lancaster County Administrator Steve  Willis is misinformed when he said, “During heavy traffic, you can’t cross over anyway.” The stop light at Marvin Road allows a break in traffic, if one is patient and allows for a safe crossover into our entrance.
It seems the cost of closing this crossover is to be $50,000. What a waste of tax payers’ money, as well as a direct  insult to the residents of Black Horse Run.
What will SCDOT do when the gas station is open, all the cars arrive from Charlotte for cheaper South Carolina gas and come line up at the light at Marvin Road to make a U-turn to head back to Charlotte? This line of cars may reach back to S.C. 160 and really cause a nightmare of dangerous traffic.
This all was sadly caused by poor planning and poor judgment.