Washington needs to face realities of Democrats

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After reading Carlton B. Washington’s guest column, “Is it a great day in S.C.?” in the Aug. 11 edition of The Lancaster News, I am wondering if he actually thinks he is going to get sympathy for his cause, basically to get more cash so he can give more to the Democratic National Committee?
While Washington is disappointed in Gov. Nikki Haley, I am disappointed in having Social Security payments frozen and then increased by an amount that barely covers the increase in Medicare by the Obama administration. I will never see what I put in to Social Security. I am very disappointed to see that despite paying in to Medicare for more than 45 years, and  continuing to pay in, I do not get the same benefits as those in free Medicaid. I am disappointed that on a fixed Social Security income we have to tighten our belts and absorb substantial increases in everyday needs including food, medical and energy costs, which Obama said he would increase, as in about the only campaign promise he has kept.
It upsets me to see you whining about an across-the-board pay increase, without regard for performance, when the private sector makes 20 percent less, including benefits, according to published surveys, and as the private sector continues to experience cuts in hours, freezes in pay, reductions in benefits and layoffs.
If the people you claim to represent are so unhappy let them move on to better things.
There are people lined up waiting to replace them in their under-paid positions.
So put on your big boy pants, Mr. Washington, and face the economic realities of Democrats and Obama.
With the absurd $2.9 trillion cost of Obamacare coming, and a $17 trillion debt over our heads, the problem is not going to go away.
Sorry to tell you but the case for protecting South Carolina’s taxpayers is far greater than your whining for more stuff.

Nicholas Pasquine