Washington has a spending addiction

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Bobbie Faile

I wish to respond to William Moore’s letter, “Mulvaney at forefront of incivility,” in the Jan. 21 edition of The Lancaster News.
Have you ever been to  a tea party, Mr.Moore? Or are you assuming, as many others, that the tea party is a bunch of right wing loonies?
I’ve been to all of the Lancaster tea parties and have certainly not seen any indication or suggestions of overthrow of the government. The tea party principles are limited government, fiscal responsibility, border security and national sovereignty.
The left wing liberals who have controlled Washington for far too long are the ones who have a problem – a spending addiction. They’ve spent us to the edge of the cliff of bankruptcy and don’t want to stop.  
Have you ever heard of anyone spending themselves into prosperity? You should know if you have a limited amount of money to live on, you have to spend accordingly. It’s very apparent that Washington does not understand that.
I’m sure Mr. Mulvaney was shocked at the carnage in Tucson; so was everyone else in America. But it was not politically motivated as so many people were so quick to conclude.
Judge not, Mr. Moore, lest ye be judged.

Bobbie Faile