Is Washington determined to close down postal service?

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Looks like folks in Washington are bound and determined to disband our postal service. It’s been working for more than 200 years in wars and all kinds of weather. Why, our politicians spend more money “investigating” than they do in “fixin’” stuff.
There is talk about the pension for postal employees, which cannot be changed because of Congress. I guess it’s goodbye to home delivery of mail if we wait for Congress to fix the problem.
Maybe there are some old folks up in Indian Land who can speak to Congressman Mick Mulvaney at his upcoming town meeting and get him to throw his weight into the ring. Surely, there are people in Sun City Carolina Lakes who depend on home mail delivery, even in this electronic age.
I saw a note in the news that our postal service has the largest fleet of vehicles of any government agency. Just like a children’s radio program of long ago called “Let’s Pretend.”

W.B. Evans