Warrior wrestling deserves practice facility

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By The Staff

Moving cafeteria chairs and tables, moving mats from school to school and maneuvering old weight room equipment before practice – this is what has gone on for the last seven seasons at Indian Land Elementary and Middle schools as the one of the most successful high school teams in the county, the ILHS wrestling team, scrambles to find a place in which to practice.

This team, with season records like 17-7, 17-5, and 20-5 the last three years, has broken win records and consistently dominated the competition in the area.

Yet, these boys find themselves practicing in hot cafeterias, small unused weight rooms and being bumped out of school gyms by middle and high school teams.

Other wrestling teams in the area have access to auxillary gyms and converted wrestling rooms for practice. Warrior wrestling has been promised accommodations numerous times, none of which have come into fruition.

Even alumni and friends of Warrior wrestling have come forward and offered to fund a wrestling room or building. They were denied the opportunity by past school administrators and district leaders. After reading the article regarding Doomsday Field repair, I thought about the four wrestling tournaments the wrestling team hosts every season where about 35 teams from North Carolina and South Carolina attend.

The crowd that attends these tournaments, as well as those who attend the wrestling camps hosted by Indian Land High School with wrestling legends such as Ken Chertow, could be considered tourist. I am not insinuating Warrior wrestling qualifies for such tourist tax money as Doomsday Field has – it also being a future sight for collegiate play.

I am disappointed that one of the winningest high school teams in the district has been overlooked year after year regarding an adequate, fair practice facility. These wrestlers should feel like we care enough about them in providing equal opportunities – as other wrestlers have in the Lancaster County district.                                                               

Erin Kersey