Warren letter: Writer endorses Norrell for S.C. House District 44

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I would like to write a letter of endorsement for Mandy Powers Norrell. I appreciate your allowing me to do so. I personally feel Mandy has more than earned a right to serve in the S.C. House from the 44th District. She has lived the same life as anyone in Lancaster. She does not come from privilege. In short, she earned everything she has. 

Mandy assures a good choice if you view only her life experiences as they relate to other residents of the city, as well as the county residents. She, like most Americans, went through the same building blocks as everyone else did. Have you really ever heard her complain? I certainly haven’t and I have known her for quite some time. Whenever I hear Mandy talk about serving the public, I can honestly say she always does it with pride and determination to keep Lancaster well preserved into the future for her kids and mine as well. 

Now, I would like to also add a kind word for Ryan Payne and Joseph Coy. They were both very knowledgeable on the issues in the debates, and I have no doubt that in due time that they too will rise to the level of experienced public service. 

Therefore, I would like to thank The Lancaster News and all the people of Lancaster County for reading my letter of endorsement. 

Now, I would kindly ask you to cast your vote for Mandy Powers Norrell on Nov. 6.

Ken Warren