The war definitely is not over

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William W. Ferguson

Dec. 20 will mark the 150th anniversary of the signing of the secession document declaring that South Carolina would no longer be a part of the United States of America.
Those who think the war is over need only to look at physical evidence and conditions of our modern society. If the war is over, why does the front entrance of South Carolina’s capitol building in Columbia face south, representing the turning of our back on the federal government?
If the war is over, why is there a statue of a Confederate soldier at the rear of the capitol building facing  north as he guards our rear, standing next to a battle flag?
If the war is over, why then have our government and business leaders adopted the procedures of the Confederate government by acquiring our goods from foreign nations? Trying to find anything made in America is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Three nuclear submarines positioned on our coast could shut this country down in three months as we run out of gasoline, clothing, appliances and even food. Not to mention the American Chevrolet. I recently owned a Chevrolet. Its engine was made in China, its transmission was made in Japan and the car was assembled in Canada.
Could it be that the war is still raging, as evidenced by the opinion of a professor from Columbia University in New York, who was commissioned by a recent mayor of New York City to study racism in New York, classifying Southerners as being rude, disease-laden and vile persons who have infiltrated the city, spreading our prejudice among the citizen population?
The war is not over and it will not be 100 years from now.

William W. Ferguson