Waffle House customer charged in attempted holdup

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By Chris Sardelli

A Waffle House waitress was shocked, but uninjured, after a Charlotte woman demanded money from a cash register during the early morning hours of  Tuesday, July 8.

Kiana Chantelle Chisolm, 34,  was later tracked down by Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputies and charged with attempted common law robbery, according to Lancaster Police Department records. 

An original arrest warrant was issued for attempted strong-arm robbery, though it was later changed. 

Common law robbery is defined in state code as a felony where no deadly weapon was used during the commission of a robbery. If someone is convicted of the charge, they could receive up to 15 years of jail time. 

Police officers first learned of the incident as they were searching the S.C. 9 Bypass area near Applebee’s for a suspicious person and were flagged down by two Waffle House employees.

The two women said about 10 minutes earlier a woman entered the restaurant at 1330 S.C. 9 Bypass West, and sat down at a booth near the front doors.

As one of the employees approached the booth, the woman at the table said, “You need to open the register,” the report said.

“(The victim) stated Chisolm then grabbed her waistband and stated she had a weapon,” an officer wrote in the report. 

The waitress then picked up two glasses from the table and the woman told her , “don’t make any sudden moves,” the report said. The waitress remembered seeing the woman hold her right hand over her right pocket, which had a bulge. 

“(The victim) stated she went to the register and advised her coworker and a customer to call 911,” an officer wrote. 

The victim then opened the register, but the woman got up from her table and left the restaurant. 

“(The victim said) she was truly in fear of getting hurt or shot during a robbery,” the officer wrote in the report.

The employees were able to get a description of the woman’s car and its tag number as she drove away, the report said. 

She was driving a white Oldsmobile with a North Carolina tag. 

An officer spoke with one of the customers, who said he did not hear the interaction between the woman and employee before he was asked to call 911.

Soon after, patrolling deputies tracked down and pulled over the car in the 400 block of Pardue Street. Inside were two women, including Chisolm, the report said. 

Officers took photos of the two women and brought them back to the Waffle House, where the employees both identified Chisolm as the woman from the attempted holdup, the report said. 

Chisolm was arrested and brought to the Municipal Justice Center. 

She was later interviewed by officers and told them at first she only asked the waitress for gas money, but later said she had placed an order and then asked for money, the report said. The officers asked Chisolm what she told the waitress.

“I looked at her and said, ‘ma’am I need you to open the cash register,’ and I then placed my left hand on my side and the waitress walked away. I then left the restaurant,” she told officers in the report. 

She told officers she “just made a mistake,” and wanted to apologize to the waitress for “scaring her and making her think she was being robbed,” the report said. 

She was released later that day on a $20,000 surety with proof bond, according to Lancaster Municipal Court records. 


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