Voter ID battle blatant attempt to sway election results

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Kawan Pauling’s guest column, “Voter ID laws are bad,” in the Aug. 31 edition of The Lancaster News is nothing but another lengthly Democrat diatribe fighting voter ID.
The objections portrayed are nothing but weak fabrications. These laws, supported by the majority of voters, will prevail. They are are being held up in the courts by Obama lawsuits against the states to avoid enforcement before the election, just as voting districts are being challenged by the Obama departments of justice in many states.
These are acts of desperation by the Obama administration and blatant attempts to sway the election results. I could go through a lengthly list of photo ID requirements from library cards to food Stamps. If Democrats can figure out how to get these alleged disenfranchised voters to the polls they can certainly figure out how to make sure they they have and use their voter IDs.
It is only Democrats fighting voter ID at the polls, but not for food stamps and that is all we need to know.

Nicholas Pasquine