Vote yes to Sunday alcohol sales

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On Nov. 6, you can change Lancaster County by saying yes to more business, yes to more jobs and yes to a better quality of life for all Lancaster residents. A referendum to allow restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages on Sunday will be on the Nov. 6 general election ballot. This effort is being organized by the Citizens and Business for Lancaster County committee.
This month, you will notice campaign signs around the county, which will simply say “Vote Yes – Citizens & Business for Lancaster County.” A yes vote can help Lancaster County in many ways:
More business
Lancaster County will benefit economically from the increase in sales in restaurants because:
u Existing restaurants will need additional services from local businesses, such as vendors and suppliers for food, equipment, janitorial services and financial services.    
u Employees will have additional work and income to spend at other local businesses.
u More new restaurants will open because they are able to serve seven days a week.
More jobs
Lancaster County businesses will be able to provide job opportunities for some of the 10,000 county residents (12.7 percent) that are now unemployed (as of July 2012 from the Employers Association of South Carolina).
u Existing restaurants could expand operations, increasing employment opportunities.       
Many restaurants don’t open on Sunday because of laws banning the sale of spirits, thus reducing the chance to be employed.
u Increase chances to attract new and nationally recognized restaurants, which could hire 50-100 employees, some offering full company benefits.
u Create additional work and new jobs for local construction companies and their vendors and suppliers.
Better quality of life
The community’s quality of life will be improved by enhanced services and public facilities offered by the county government:
u Lancaster County will have a new source of revenue ($3,000 per restaurant) from the annual permit fee to serve alcoholic beverages on Sundays.
u There will be additional revenue from hospitality taxes. The county will also receive additional accommodations and property tax revenue.
Referendum text
You need to be aware that the legal language, which is mandated by the state of South Carolina, is often confusing.
The referendum to allow Sunday sales of alcohol in restaurants will read as follows:
“Shall the South Carolina Department of Revenue be authorized to issue temporary permits in this county for a period not to exceed twenty-four hours to allow the possession, sale and consumption of alcoholic liquors by the drink to bona fide nonprofit organizations and business establishments otherwise authorized to be licensed for consumption for on premise sales.”
We encourage you to vote yes for the good of Lancaster County.